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Roosevelt Hall of Fame


Dr. Peter Agre '67 honored for Medicine, Science, Technology, Education & Engineering

Linda Berglin '63 honored for Politics and Government Service

Robert Apgar Champine '39 honored for Science, Technology & Engineering

Ray Christianson '42 honored for Communications and Broadcasting

Fred Friswold '54 honored for Business

Fortune Gordien '41 honored for Athletics, Education, Music & the Arts

Lorna Landvik '72 honored for Communications, Publishing, Music & the Arts

Gregory Larson '57 honored for Athletics, Business & Community

William Marshall '47 honored for Science, Technology, Engineering & Military

Sheila O'Dougherty '75 honored for Athletics, Health & Medicine, Government Service

Stanley Paulson '59 honored for Law & Education

Rolf O. Peterson '66 honored for Education, Science, Technology & Engineering

Richard "Dick" Ramberg '58 honored for Music,Government & Business

Mike Ramsey '78 honored for Athletics, Community

Major General David Rataczak '62 honored for Military

James Rosenquist '52 honored for Arts & Music

Eugene Sandvig January '49 honored for Athletics, Business & Education

Brig. General Dennis Shulstad '62 honored for Government, Military and Community

Glenn Seidel '32 honored for Athletics, Business & Engineering

Vice Admiral John Totushek '62 honored for Military, Business & Community

Jesse Ventura '69 honored for Politics, Military, Entertainment & Communications

Gen. John Vessey '40 honored for Military

These are the inductees from Fall, 2016
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These are the inductees from Fall, 2018 - take a look!!
2018 Hall of Fame Inductees.pdf
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Inductees from 2020
2020 Hall of Fame Recipients.pdf
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Inductees from 2022
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